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Hey Rockers!

It's been a busy month here at Andover Junction! Between the frigid temps and snowfall, January was an easy month to stay inside and get the next RTR built and running. With about twenty pages left, the eighty page magazine is well on its way to completion. I'll have a synopsis ready for my next post.

Of course it will need Senior Editor Dick Gills final editing and a trip through the printing press, but with any luck you'll have a copy in hand by the end of the month!

Our thanks to all that have renewed their subscriptions! There are about thirty outstanding subscribers left to renew, so if you've been procrastinating, call during business hours or write.

P.S. It snowed like hell here for a couple days and I got a chance to take the Rocket out and bust some snow drifts last Friday night. Two days of 40 degree weather later, most of the snow is history. So much for sledding in January!

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