Step right up and get your Discount!

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With the release of the newest (V12 Nos. 3&4) REMEMBER THE ROCK magazine just around the corner, it occurred to Publisher Steve that now might be a good time to orchestrate a deal for Facebook group members to purchase a back issue or two at a discounted price and see what they are missing.

From June 21 until July 7, visit our website - - order some back issues and take the discount! All you have to do is enter this code: FBook  in the Discount box. It's that easy. From now until July 7, you can take advantage of of the discount with REMEMBER THE ROCK back issues AND any of our books too!

Inside our catalog, click on the magazine cover and a synopsis of what's inside will magically appear. Or if you are not particularly internet savvy..... call (eight one five)-538-3060 during business hours: 10-6 p.m., Chicago time and we'll take your order.

Now you can take a look at REMEMBER THE ROCK on the cheap and see what you've been missing since 2003. Thirty-seven, (that's 37....time flies huh?!) RTR's to choose from at

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