Private Varnish, 153 (May 2018)

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      Down memory lane
      Remember? is the PV Memory Builder featuring photographs of AAPRCO's members back in the day before Facebook and smartphones. See if you can bring back those good memories. Five Points for names, two points for the location, three points for the correct year, and 11 points for the "rest of the story; 21 wins!


      Charters and trips of private cars include: 

      Hollywood Beach, Silver Splendor, Pacific Sands,Yerba Buena, NYC 3, Tioga Pass and the Cimarron River's four-day charter by the NRHS's St. Louis Chapter as told to us by Rick Sprung.


      2018 VIBE Conference Charter hosted by Patrick Henry Creative Promotions.
      Join host Patrick Henry on a trip from Los Angeles to San Diego on : the Warren R. Henry, Evelyn A. Henry and American Explorer's lounge car Utah as they speed along the Pacific shore to the 2018 VIBE (Very Important Beverage Executive) Conference. In addition to a fine Pacific Seafood lunch guests had an opportunity to meet Eric Peterson, author of "The Dining Car", a novel where a PV figures into the plot in a big way.

      AAPRCO's 40th Anniversary convention, Part Two 

    • The Road to Burlington by Jerry Angier
      After the pre-convention warm-up 'game', punctuated by a succession of curve balls and strike-outs, the AAPRCO club came out of the dugout swinging for the bleacher seats. And what a show Jerry Angier and Taylor Johnson's 2017 Convention team put on in Burlington, Vermont! Mother Nature served up four beautiful days and nights for guests to enjoy a hearty fare of planned events based alongside Lake Champlain where the Green Mountain Flyer was tied up for the festivities. Part Two includes sidebars on Vermont Railways MacIntyre, Central Vermont's Grand Isle, and the SS Ticonderoga. Interior photos of the Robert Lincoln's Sunbeam private car, as well as photos shot on the way from on board and track side including some exotic night photography by Vermont's own Gary Knapp.

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      Gateway Rail Services
      Roger Verbeeren's crew had a busy quarter in the shop at Madison, Illinois. Photos of the Charter Club and Silver Channel during renovations.

      Willetts Railcar Services, LLC
      Ex PRR heavy weight business car Philadelphia, now named for Martin W. Clement, the Pennsylvania RR President who commissioned construction at the railroad's Altoona, Pennsylvania, shops in 1925, is in the shop for some body reconstruction and a face lift. Ditto for the Ex-Rock Island business car No. 98, the Gritty Palace.

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