Private Varnish, 136 (Sept 2012)

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      Kansas, Cyrus K. Holliday; Northern Sky


      The 2012 AAPRCO Kootenay Limitedwith essays by Stan Garner and Clark Johnson.
      Follow the early summer trip through the Canadian Rockies that features killer photography by British Columbia native Kevin Dunk and maps by Canadian railroad author Roger Burrows. There is a rare 1912 Canadian Pacific Railway. 2-D map of the Kootenay region and surrounding environs that really makes the trip come alive for armchair enthusiasts.
      Sidebar: describes the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel at Cranbrook, B.C. has fine color views of vintage CP railcars.

      Cross Country on the Dover Harbor by Claudia Gaffey;
      photos by the author. Ride the Dover Harbor from Washington, D.C., to Seattle, Washington, and back, with a side trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. Plenty of nice photography of memorable scenes and side activities along the way and around the destination cities. Veteran private car rider Claudia has prepared a nice commentary on the trip that almost "wasn't" due to flooding and fires and detours.

      Southwest Explorerby Clark Johnson.
      High Iron Travel's 15th Explorer rail excursion is covered blow-by-blow with daily details of the seven-day trip. Photography and map by Neil Lang and a seriously cool night shot by Jody Moore complete the coverage of this trip over ex-Rock Island, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Texas & Pacific and Frisco trackage.

      Singin' the Hot Box Blues by Lovett Smith.
      In the second installment in PV's Hot Box Blues, read this veteran PV owner/operator's account of this gut-wrenching dilemma that rarely happens at a good time. His experience is worth noting for car owners and riders alike, when the best-laid plans of mice and men develop bearing problems.

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      Gateway Rail Services' projects on the Swift Stream, City of Angels, St. James Place, Charter Club, Silver Quail, Puget Sound, Echo Canyon and the Hagerstown Inn.

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