Private Varnish, 153 (May 2018)

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    40 pages

      Charters and trips of private cars include: 

      Hollywood Beach, Silver Splendor, Pacific Sands, Imperial Drive, Yerba Buena, NYC 3, Tioga Pass, and the Cimarron River.


      2018 "VIBE" CHARTER AND CONFERENCE: Hosted by Patrick Henry Creative Promotions, the Los Angeles-San Diego trip to the American Beverage Marketers conference was enjoyed by all the "Very Important Beverage Executives" on board. An outstanding menu of food and beverages complemented the ride along the ocean. During the conference, while parked at San Diego Amtrak station, the cars hosted guests as a popular alternative venue.

      AAPRCO's 40th ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION: Burlington, Vermont - Part Two. Jerry Angier gave us a fine account of this outstanding convention from the prospective of one of the organizers. His article includes a route map of the Green Mountain Flyer's trip, and 22 pages of great photos taken along the way. Sidebars include: the Lake Champlain steamboat Ticonderoga, and the Wagner Palace Car Company. Enhanced captions tell the story of PV Grand Isle, PV MacIntyre, and Bartonville, Vermont's covered bridge.

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      Willetts Railcar Services
      Bob Willetts report details that the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina still has access to Amtrak and that the freight switch fee is still quite reasonable. Bob is also excited to announce their shop's expansion. The office car, Martin W. Clement (formerly Philadelphia) had some extensive work done and will include a new paint job. Former Rock Island Railroad office car Gritty Palace, had mechanical work done in preparation for the Amtrak inspections. Cripple Creek will have some fine tuning done to its plumbing and a bit of repair work.

      Gateway Rail Services
      Roger Verbeeren sent us in a pictorial essay on repairs done to the Charter Club, Taos, and Silver Channel while at Gateway last Fall.

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