RTR Vol. 05, No. 1

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Remember the Rock magazine, 2008

40 pages, 8.5" x 11"

  • Choctaw Rocket (Part 1) by Bill Pollard.

    A comprehensive history of the most elusive of all passenger Rockets, including information about the cars from inception to WWII.

  • Rock Island Rookie (Part 2) by Patrick William O'Brien

    A humorous and informative look at Patrick's experiences; includes his insights on a brakeman's job around Short Line Junction in 1973.

  • Kenley German, High Plains Agent by Mark Malmkar

    Kenley was interviewed by Malmkar, who recorded many of Kenley's experiences working as a station agent on the High Plains.

  • The Rock Island Modeler: Modeling standard flat car loads of forestry products by Joe Sindelar

    Loads of finished lumber and poles are covered.

  • Classic Rock

    Photo collection of the 1961 and 1962 T-Bone Specials originating in Audubon, Iowa.

  • Rock Collecting: The Bicenntenial Rocket by Roger Koenig.

    Memorabilia and information

  • Rocket RPO

    Letters to the Editor

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