RTR Vol. 07, No. 3

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    Remember the Rock magazine, 8.5" x 11" 40 pages


    • Just a Little Look Over the Road by John M. Martin

      Bridge traffic from Memphis connections, destined to the west, was an important consideration for all of the western railroads serving the Memphis Gateway. The Rock Island-Santa Fe El Venado service might have prompted the ATSF-RI inspection train over the Choctaw Route in 1975. John M. Martin shares his photography and observations about that trip. Jim Patillo's cover photo shot at Yukon, Oklahoma, really brings it to life.

      Associate Editor Bill Pollard penned a sidebar Memphis Competition comparing the run-through service out of Memphis

    • ROCK ISLAND MODELER: Ready-to-Run Review by Robert Massey

      ExactRail's Thrall 100-Ton "Heavy Chord" Gondolas. In our newest modeling column, Bob takes a critical look at ExactRail's newest RI model

    • On the Job with Bob Barcus edited by Philip A. Weibler

      In 2005 Steve Esposito, publisher of Remember the Rock magazine, interviewed Robert Barcus at his home. His railroad career spanned the steam era, the diesel age, the demise of the Rock Island, and the organization of Metra. Phil's masterful job of editing the tapes of the interview make it worth the seven-year wait!ling column, Bob takes a critical look at ExactRail's newest RI model.


      Bob Fredland's color photos of Englewood and it's environs bring the 60s alive again! Sr. Contributing Editor Dick Gill provides capsule history and reminices about Englewood, one of his favorite haunts.

    • It Happened on Okarche Hill by Dean Schirf, Tony Bishop and Bill Pollard

      Dean's Schirf's visit with retired RI Engineer Keith Furgason was the catalyst for an article that explores the demise of the 5026. In addition to a critique of the ICC accident report, we found two eye witnesses that saw what was left of the locomotive shortly after the explosion. This article has some awesome photos!

    • ROCK ISLAND MODELER: Scratch Building the Marlow, Oklahoma, Depot by Joe Sindelar

      Joe takes a break from modeling rolling stock to build Marlow Depot, circa 1964. His beautifully scratch-built model captures the look of the depot in its declining days when it was used as a train order office.


      The Bishop brothers share some of their maternal grandfather collection of Rock Island memorabilia from his days as the Southern Division's Safety Superintendent in the 20s.

    • Rocket RPO

      All the letters to the Editor that's fit to print.


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